Look forward to the first job

Hobson posted on March 20, 2017 at 09:28

The month of June means the end of a semester for most students, while for college students, they are busy in the job market, they will graduate and need to find the first job in their lives. According to the research, college students’ expectations on first job have changed during these years.

The report showed that the salary is no longer considered in the first place. Nowadays, college students expect to earn more than $4,000 every month. This overweighs average companies can offer. But if the enterprise culture attracts them, they are willing to accept this job. Enterprise culture has been the most important factor for students to think about.

The second factor is the prospect of the company. College students pay special attention to the prospect of the job, if it matches their major and can give them the chance to show their talents, they would like to choose this job even though the income is little. They believe that they can make a difference some day.

The changes of expectation of first job show students are more likely to focus on their interest, which can bring them passion.

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