The Babies’ consciousness

Hobson posted on March 06, 2017 at 14:59

People always think that the babies know nothing about the world, so that they don’t know what they are doing and their mistakes can be forgiven all the time. Actually, according to the new research, the babies have their own recognition, they make judgement by observing parents’reaction.

For example, if the baby wants to buy the toy, he will point to the toy or just stand there. Most parents will realize the baby’s need and satisfy him. So the baby has learned that if they do the same thing, they can get what they want. The worse thing is that when the baby makes mistakes, the parents think it is natural for him and won’t correct them. Then the baby will become naughty.

My aunt’s baby is the example. My aunt tell me that she thinks the baby is too small and there is no need to take it serious. So she feels tired to look after the baby. But there is a mother who lives next to her. My aunt tells me that her neighbour’s baby behaves well, later I find that the mother always corrects her baby’s mistake.

The parents should realize the importance of baby’s recognition, so that they can better educate the baby.

Xing Sheng moved his laboured at business, urging Shen seas, over and over again to read books. He is a goldbrick, inevitably there will be. Shen Sihai earnestly, want hands-on discipline, but was stopped by Mrs. shen.

Zhou Ying squatting on the ground, apricot spring running with a pile of books to her "boredom". But he saw Wu hugging a stack of men's clothes and said she would take her out. This girl has been lingering in the courtyard, suddenly heard the news rushed Wu Pinshen. Two people zuojiao out, Zhou Ying saw ten spring before the opening, pestering Xing Sheng shift girl back again ". She saw Zenggao selling stall, and like a greedy cat begged hire Wu to buy food. Wu Pinyi face said gently, if love can eat every day.

Zhou Ying eat sweet, but see two tigers kneeling in a person's car crying. The original of this child's mother and brother were dead, have been very poor. But if the body is no longer buried in the car, it will be infected by the pestilence, the people around the crisis. Zhou Ying had to persuade two tigers, let their bodies laid to rest.

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