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Hobson posted on May 11, 2017 at 17:52

Many years ago, the commercial ads about losing weight was such popular, its aim was to show women to lose weight as more as possible, so that they could look as perfect as the stars. But now things have changed, skinny is not what most women what to chase, they look for another new trend, it is fitness and health.

When we look at the Vitoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we are very impressed by the models’ body shape. They look so perfect and healthy. Though they go on a diet, they keep fit as their target instead of being skinny. When we look at these models, they stand for the new trend, which is fitness and healthy.

Today, many stars show off their body shape on their blogs. They are very confident to let others know that they have the beautiful lines of the muscle. For looking fit, they go to the gym and practice so well, finally their body shapes look perfect. People used to chase for skinny, but today keep fit is the trend.

Fitness and health deserve people to chase.

According to the prior plan, Zhou Ying deliberately put on the blue-blue cloak and went to the Intermediate People's Court to discuss the merger of the three houses. She deliberately took words to provoke the four masters, let him pull out the "broom star." Then, Zhou Ying pretended to leave, and Chun Xing put on her cloak. The four masters took a closer look and reacted. This is not the singer's "blue on the blue" broom star! He immediately agreed to the shareholding.
In that year, the 30th episode of the full moon, the uncle, and the uncle, Zhou Ying’s cloak immediately decided to cooperate with Zhou Ying.

Zhou Ying and the two uncles set up a contract, and once again got the big seal of the style of Yi Tang, to ensure that the Wu family must be prosperous. She knows that this is Wu Weiwen's wish and Wu's wish. The deceased has gone, and the only one who is more diligent can afford them. Zeng Sanshu, who plays the role of the Taoist, is going to go outside. Zhou Ying deliberately asked his father to hand over some money.

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