College students were sleeping in class

Hobson posted on May 15, 2017 at 13:07

When students enter college, it is natural for them to relax, because they have went across the important stage and start to open the new chapter. Most students believe that college life should be full of fun and they don’t need to study hard, so they sleep in the class. While they get the wrong idea.

College is the very important stage for students to learn the major knowledge. What they learn will decide what kind of work they will take in the future. If they want to take advantages over other students in the job market, then they must have the skills. This is what they learn in the class, sleepy students will miss have important part of learning knowledge.

To learn better in the class, college students should take the regular schedule. Most students are addicted to playing computer games and stay up. They always sleep a few hours and then just go to class for the presentation. They don’t care about what the teacher say.

It is the terrible situation for college students to use their energy on the activities instead of study. Sleeping in the class has become some students’ choice. They need to balance the activities and study.

Who is not obedient, go back to school. Yes! These cards have been seen by Chen Xis men. Although some of them are also famous, the high-school students of Siyuan University personally consulted them with great enthusiasm, and many people were somewhat flattered. What's more, this is still said from the mouth of a heavyweight like Jiao Si. These people, the combat power is really strong! He has seen many card repair groups.

But he has never seen such high-quality tactical cooperation. If the school's card repair, can also have such tactical qualities, then ... Jiao Si's heart, suddenly hot. Lu Xiaoru looked at the confusion in the field and could not help but worry. As a result, their own training will be greatly affected. However, Bagnell is closing the training, Chen Hao is also busy, and then continue this way, I am afraid that after Bagnell returns.

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