Super thin stature is out of date

Hobson posted on March 08, 2017 at 08:09

In the beginning of the year of 2000, girls were chasing for skinny size. Every girl believed that only the skinny body shape could make them beautiful. The ads used these thin models to tempt females to buy their products. But now, things have changed. Skinny size is no longer popular.

Some positive messages are showed in the ads. The models look beautiful with perfect body shapes, and they release the information about keeping balanced diet and doing exercise. This is the positive way to be beautiful instead of taking medicine or refusing having food. What’s more, the models advocate healthy body size, some ads use the models with average size, which inspires hundreds of girls.

The change reflects people pay attention to their inner desire, and they dare to face who they are and accept the real side. Many years ago, some skinny size models died because of lacking of nutrition. So the government took some policy to limit models’ size, in order to show people the healthy size. Now it works. Teenagers have positive attitude to lose weight.

Xing Sheng moved to his room to find his father, but he saw that he was tired of sleeping and took the opportunity to take the key on the table. As long as he has the key, nothing he wants to do is blocked. Even open the barn, human hand is extremely smooth.

Zhou Ying had already packed up the burden and had a plan to leave. After the change of clothes, I think of Wu is not willing to give up. After she found Wu, she found that he frowned and sighed. A question, only to know that the hands are not enough. Zhou Ying yaotouhuangnao endorsement to prompt Wu employed, a group of people to help the real apprentice. Sure enough, these people have the orderly division of labor, and quickly put out the thread.

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