The first time as a teacher

Hobson posted on March 18, 2017 at 12:22

Being a teacher is always believed to be one of the greatest occupations in the world, because they educate the students to be the better person and make a contribution to the world. My ideal job is to work as a teacher, last week, I had the chance to experience teaching students.

Our school asked some volunteers to teach some kids who lived in the countryside the English. I cherished this chance so much and joined the team. As I loved English so much and I studied it well so I had the confidence to be the volunteer. When I saw these kids, they were so happy to see us and listened to us carefully. I gave them my lesson and played the game with them, they gave me the warm response. I enjoyed being a teacher so much.

When I back to school, I missed my students so much, they liked me a lot and some of them kept in touch with me. I felt so proud of being a teacher. This precious experience made me make up mind to realize my dream.

After hearing the news of the dilapidated Wu Jia Dong Zhou Ying, former nonstop back to the residence of the compound. The former Eastern Hospital is one of the Jingyang building, is a symbol of wealth and luxury. Now, her all the way across the room to see the house, the house was deserted desolate, a deserted house.

Loss of a supporter, most of this time had gone, only in the Pinfang Wu guysstay. Zhou Ying found her mother-in-law in the pain and learned that Wu Yuwen had already done it. Poor Wu Yuwen's fame, but so not clear. Zhang mother rare to see someone back, do not go to persuade Zhou ying. But Zhou Ying remembered something that had been thrown out before, and had some hesitation.

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